Age: 18-24 months

Class Description: This classroom is about developing self help skills. Some of the ways this is done is by learning to pick up and put away the toys we get out and play with as well as helping our friends clean up. They continuously work on fine motor development by painting, use of markers, and puzzles. The classroom is divided in centers geared toward various skills. The main focus with this age group is teaching independence. This age group will begin sensory integration by using various medians such as water color paints, sand, play dough, cool whip, Jello along with a variety of books developed for sensory purposes.


Lead teacher: Mary Miller has many years of experience from having an in home center.

Ms. Jalene is the creative one in the room, doing many of the children’s art projects you can seen on display in the classroom.

Ms. Jessica has worked in the church nursery for many years and brings in her love of music to the children.

The classroom is very well rounded and offers continuity to a special group of children.